cebas finalToon

finalToon 最佳的 NPR (Non-Photo Realisitc 反真實算圖) 算圖效果,同時也是 3ds Max 上優秀的 NPR 的引擎之一,它提供了許多特殊的功能,計算速度快,是製作卡通效果很優秀的工具。

Welcome to finalToon™ 3.5
Your renderings will never look the same anymore, finalToon™ opens up a whole new world of illustration and cartoon rendering effects for 3ds max.

Thanks to the unique functions and features, finalToon™ has to offer, we are pretty sure that you will be soon a part of the upcoming NPR (non Photo Realistic) rendering community of 3ds max users.

"I am working as the system administrator at Cartoon-Film for over 5 years now. I was responsible for setting up all the hardware required to make this movie, starting from workstations to setting up the render farm needed to render most of the movie in-house. We used 3DS Max 2008 for all of the 3D shots, and they were all rendered with cebas finalRender and finalToon." Karsten Fuhrmann, Cartoon-Film Animation Studio.



Rendering TLR in A Blink of An Eye!

finalToon™ is implemented as a true 3ds max Render Effect, and so you can enjoy all the great benefits of such an implementation. You may adjust line styles in realtime without the need to re-render the whole scene over and over again.

All shading and rendering can be done with the production proven 3ds Max scanline renderer. When the scanline pass is done, the finalToon line renderer pops in and takes over to produce the NPR line rendering part. As mentioned before, any fully integrated 3ds Max compatible renderer can be used for the rendering and shading pass. However, when used in concert with finalRender™ 3.5 outline rendering becomes something else - finalToon shines at its best and shows a dramatic speed increase.

A few of finalToon‘s Amazing Features:
- Canvas Effect to simulate structured background material (Paper, Linen . . .)
- Edge Map to use any map to control the bump, color, thickness etc. of the lines
- Flash (swf) and Adobe Illustrator (ai) output
- Cartoon Shader to get the typical cartoon look
- Global/local line style settings
- Material converter
- Render Elements support for different line types like hidden lines, visible lines, etc.


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finalToon NPR Material

The finalToon NPR Shader is a simple, yet extremely versatile shader. Its beauty lies in the ease-of-use and fast setup to achieve non-photo-realistic renderings in minutes of applying it to objects in your scene.


finalToon Wrapper Material

finalToon 3.5 comes with a new enhancement that allows for easy line style assignment to all available materials in a scene. Now, the finalToon Wrapper Material can take any scene material. It enables finalToon line style control on a per material level.


Line Types - The Power Lines

finalToon offers a lot of basic line types on which you can build up unlimited variations. In the illustration above there are just a few of them.


Connected Lines

Advanced 2D Line Drawing Effects and 3D Line Rendering Effect!

With finalToon, choose a slash pen to add even more "spice" to the line rendering. It helps you to avoid such a line overkill, by controlling the line thickness based on the distance to the camera. 


Noise Lines - Noise On Your Lines!

Sometimes the lines do not exactly match each other like they do when you draw a fast scribble by hand. finalToon has a great feature to simulate a hand drawn and inaccurate line style.



Anti-Aliasing - Avoid Pixel Mud!

Bad aliasing causing Moiré and destroying the continuity of thin lines. With the high quality and fast anti-aliasing of finalToon you can display the thinnest lines without any problems!



Connected Lines

No Confusing Patterns Anymore!

finalToon solves quality/ technical problems completely, by using true connected lines when rendering such line pattern effects. Use the Connected Lines feature to make sure that the continuity of the pattern works as expected. 


Reflection/Refraction of Lines

Refracted lines? Is this possible?
Yes, finalToon does it! finalToon is able to reflect/refract lines correctly. Even bumpy glass is no problem. This is a real unique feature right now, a true line renderer like finalToon is even able to reflect/refract hidden lines.


Temperature Shading Model

finalToon offers a new shading algorithm based on cool-to-warm color tones. It handles such NPR (Non Photo Realistic) rendering effects very efficiently and it’s easy to control.